Out of Data

Stefanie Posavec

‘Cold Data, Warm Heart’

November 16th 2016 | 17:00-18:30 | Room: MS.03 (Zeeman Building, University of Warwick)

All are welcome and places are on a first come first seated basis

As part of the speaker series on the CIM research theme Out of Data, designer Stefanie Posavec will discuss how she uses data-gathering and data-visualisation as a design process, taking seemingly ‘cold’ data and using it to communicate subjective and often emotional messages.

Through her own projects, she will demonstrate how in an era of ever-increasing data, a designer has limitless possibilities to use this data to inform their own practice and output.

Bio: Stefanie Posavec is a designer for whom data is her favoured material, with projects ranging from data visualization and information design to commissioned data art. Her personal work focuses on non-traditional representations of data derived from language, literature, or scientific topics, often using a hand-crafted approach.

This work has been exhibited internationally at major galleries including MoMA (New York), CCBB (Rio de Janeiro), the Science Gallery (Dublin), the V&A, the Science Museum, The Southbank Centre, and Somerset House (London). In 2013 she was Facebook’s first data-artist-in-residence at their Menlo Park campus.

She recently completed a year-long drawing project with Giorgia Lupi (based in NYC) called Dear Data, where each week they gathered and drew their data on a postcard to send to the other. This project was deemed the ‘Best Dataviz Project’ and the ‘Most Beautiful’ (the highest accolade) at the 2015 Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards, and a book of this project is published by Particular Books (Penguin Random House UK) and Princeton Architectural Press (USA).

  • Lecture
  • 16 November 2016