Out of Data

Methods in Data

A public lecture

University of Warwick

Location: S0.20

Date: 08.11.17

Time: 17:00-19:00

Participants: Harvey Miller & Emma Garnett

Methods contribute to the history of disciplines and inform lines of inquiry. In some cases, methods are part of core disciplinary knowledge; often, the methods used in a discipline contribute to its unity and continuity. But (how) do methods shape interdisciplinary research? To address this question, we add data into the mix and ask: Are methods – and disciplines – made out of data?

This public event by the Centre of Interdisciplinary Methods brings together two speakers in conversation:

Professor Harvey Miller is a specialist in Geographical Information Science and Transportation Science.

Dr Emma Garnett is an ethnographer of science and technology, with a specialism in pollution and Public Health.

Chaired by Dr João Porto de Albuquerque, the event will address the following topic in CIM’s Out of Data series:

Where are the methods in data?

How are methods embodied, realised or represented in data? Do methods disappear in data or are they made visible at certain moments? What do these moments tell us about how data, methods and disciplines are made together?

All welcome

  • 8 November 2021