An interdisciplinary core team is driving the work, bringing different perspectives and expertise to the project.  Considering that this work is in its first phase, aiming to prove the concept and set the foundations to further scale up, it is also actively reaching out to other stakeholders to bring in further expertise and partners for the future.

Core team members:

Jennifer Baumwoll
Project Coordinator for Canada-UNDP Climate Change Adaptation Facility (CCAF), United Nations Development Programme.

As coordinator of the CCAF global project, Jennifer is working with six national climate change adaptation projects (Cabo Verde, Cambodia, Haiti, Mali, Niger and Sudan), which are all working on strengthening food security and water management in the context of climate change. The objective of the global CCAF project is to document results and share experiences and lessons learned among these six countries, as well as with other practitioners and partners. This initiative contributes to this objective by providing an innovative way of documenting, analyzing and sharing insights from one country for replication and application in other countries.


Dr Jerri Husch
President of 2Collaborate Consulting.

Dr. Husch is an expert in social science methodologies and complex social system analysis. She has over 25 years of international management consulting experience and has worked on issues of public health, climate change, global food policy and development with national ministries, the UN, WHO, UNICEF, FAO, IOC, World Bank, NGO’s and community based stakeholders. As the accountability specialist in both UNDP and UNICEF, she worked to implement dynamic monitoring systems across the organizations. This, as well as work on complex UN inter-agency analyses, such as evaluations of global food standards setting; tracking linkages to help implement UN poverty reduction programs; monitoring the MDG’s and the need to monitor partnerships between WHO programs and countries in HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria, led her to design the innovative data integration and visual analytic process that informs the “Action Intelligence” (“AI”) related work being applied under this project.  Action Intelligence was designed to support the complex data collection, integration and analytic challenges faced when multiple stakeholders need to share and integrate diverse data for collaboration, monitoring, impact assessments and evaluation. In parallel with her consulting work she has been a member of the Sociology faculty at Tufts, Brown, Yale and the University of Massachusetts in the United States and a Visiting Lecturer at the Graduate Institute in Geneva, Switzerland.


Sandra Martins
Evaluation & Reporting Analyst, United Nations Development Programme, One UN Office in Cape Verde


Dr Emma Uprichard
Associate Professor, Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies, University of Warwick.

Emma has a long standing interesting in the methodological challenge of applying complexity theory to study social systems for policy planning purposes. She is especially interested in developing methodological approaches that are good describing and explaining change and continuity over time and space. See here for further details.