Issue Mapping Case Studies

Surfacing Social Aspects of Driverless Cars Combines social media analysis and design research methods to map issues raised by street trials with driverless cars in the West Midlands (UK). Digital issue visualisations provide the starting point for a group exercise in plotting issuescapes in an experimental setting, the Driver-in-the-loop Simulator at WMG, University of Warwick.
Tracing the re-composition of Privacy issues with Twitter Uses co-hashtag and hashtag-user analysis to trace the transformation of privacy issues on Twitter after the release of the Snowden files, discussing methodological problems arising in such research, and what to do about them.
Profiling the WCIT Summit with Twitter Uses an experimental data tool, the Associational Profiler, to analyse the profiles of Twitter hashtags and suggested issue terms over time
Climate Change on Twitter: Issue Lifelines  

Uses co-word analysis to plot lifelines of issues, based on an analysis of twitter data over time (hashtag profiling)

Austerity and Crisis: issue liveliness  

Uses co-word analysis to measure fluctuations in the issue composition of terms over time on Twitter and Google


Historical Controversies Now


Measures the currency and timestamp of historical controversies.


What kind of space is the sustainable home?  

A comparative analysis of three ‘green’ spheres on the Web.



The Places of Issues


Wikipedia as a Space for Controvery: Mapping participation and actor flows.


Issue Animals  

Cross-spherical analysis of issue related imagery.


Cross-spherical content analysis  

A cross-spherical analysis of web content and comments related to the Fukushima nuclear disaster.



Issue profiling with social media platforms.


The Nationality of Issues. Rights Types  

A study on the geo-specificity of right types.


What is the problem with smart meters?  

Issue cloud analysis.


Genetically Modified Food Debate  

Locating actors of the genetically modified food debate.


Landscaping Climate Change  

Paper on mapping the actors of the climate change controversy.



What are the issues of the Ferghana Valley?



uses methods of issue network mapping to determine the local issues of the Ferghana Valley


Bordered Sources  

Repurpusing national Google versions to explore the geo-location of issues across counrtries.


Distributed Activism on Facebook  

Issue profiling with social media: A study on platform specific action formats on Facebook.


Mapping the European biofuel debate  

A study on the composition of biofuel debate across European countries.


Cross-Country Controversy Analysis: Vaccination  

A cross-country keyword ressonance analysis for the vaccination debate.


Climate Change Sceptics Actor resonance: a study on the presence of climate change ‘skeptics’ in the climate change spaces on the Web.