The following issue mapping recipes present a number of key research approaches for issue mapping online. We have derived these recipes from a series of case studies conducted over the last years: they are meant to explicate existing, practical approaches to recurrent research questions and problems. Each recipe takes the form of as a set of guidelines and brings together a variety of tools, approaches and techniques. The recipes are based on the notion of issue mapping as participatory research insofar as they draw together the analytical competencies of various tools, analytical processes and modes of visualisation.

Locating issue networks

Using hyperlink analysis and the Issue Crawler to identify and locate issue-networks online.

Mapping Participation

Identifying key actors, actors flows and commitment in specific issue spaces.

syn_bio_venter_def.png Issue Cloud Analysis

Explore issue composition using the Googlescraper and measure the relative currency of issue terms across online source sets.

The Places of Issues

Using geolocators to explore where issues are located or to compare issue profiles accross countries.

Issue Profiling

How are issues addressed and discussed across platforms and web spheres?